PCB Bushing Replacement Program

Client: BC Hydro – Utility Provider

Site Location: Ingledow Substation, Surrey, BC

Scope of Work: PCB Bushing Replacement Program

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The services of Pacific Powertech Inc. (PPI) were retained by BC Hydro to complete the overhaul of 230kV-69kV Oil Filled Utility Power Transformer at the 500kV Ingledow Substation. This transformer was part of the BC Hydro PCB Bushing Replacement Program and was also found to have multiple leaks in various parts of the transformer assembly. Read more...
The transformer was partially disassembled where all gaskets, valves, and required gas and oil piping were replaced with brand new industry leading components. High voltage, low voltage, tertiary, and neutral winding bushings were replaced along with custom rigid bus fabrications. Pacific Powertech also performed a confined space entry for detailed inspection of the transformer internal parts and components for signs of wear, arcing, and contamination.

The oil was conditioned with Pacific Powertech’s Baron 3600 High Vacuum Transformer Purifier System, where the oil impurities and contamination were taken out, and freshly reconditioned oil was put back into the repaired transformer. This will ensure longevity in providing steady and reliable power to the city of Surrey and the associated power distribution network.

The transformer and all of its components were commissioned as per BC Hydro and NETA standards.

Pacific Powertech is proud to be part of this environmental initiative program and to prolong the life of the existing equipment while eliminating potentially harmful chemicals from the environment.