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Drawing upon our extensive experience gained from countless large power system projects, we offer customizable programs for facilities of all sizes and functionalities. Our commitment to excellence extends to delivering round-the-clock, unwavering support to our valued customers

Electrical commissioning is the critical process of testing and inspecting electrical systems to ensure they are installed correctly, function as designed, and meet safety standards. This systematic evaluation ensures reliable and safe electrical operation prior to energizing.

Electrical maintenance and repairs refer to the ongoing activities required to keep electrical systems and equipment in optimal working condition. Maintenance involves routine testing, inspections, cleaning, and measures to prevent and address issues for safe and reliable functionality.

Power transformer service and repairs ensure the continued reliability and efficiency of power distribution. Service and repair typically include routine inspections, oil analysis, cleaning, testing, repairs and replacements, transformer oil analysis and reclamation and refurbishment.

Ensures optimal insulation and performance by removing air, moisture, and contaminants from a power transformer. Air, moisture and gases are removed, and then the oil is filtered to remove particulate matter and impurities. This ensures clean, contaminant-free oil in the transformer.

Upgrades and life extension strategies optimize and enhance specific components to improve performance, reliability, and lifespan. Common methods include component replacement, retrofitting, protective device upgrades, power quality improvement, and life extension programs through proactive maintenance.

Electrical infrared scanning is performed using an infrared camera which detects anomalies in electrical systems. They are then documented in a report with corrective recommendations. This provides benefits such as early fault detection, preventive maintenance, safety enhancement, increased efficiency and reliability.

Power quality monitoring and energy management ensure efficient operation, minimize waste, and maintain a reliable power supply through continuous measurement, analysis, and optimization. Detailed reports create a trending database for any facility.

 Electrical ground system testing is a vital procedure to ensure the safety and effectiveness of grounding infrastructure. It involves measuring resistance, impedance, and continuity of ground conductors and electrodes. This verifies their ability to dissipate electrical faults and protect against hazards.

Z32 testing is the standard for evaluating the performance and safety of medical electrical equipment. It encompasses rigorous assessments of devices, ensuring they meet stringent criteria for functionality, electrical safety, and compliance with healthcare regulations.