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Why work with us:

At PPI, you will have the opportunity to work alongside some of the highest-qualified electrical power specialists in the business. We are immensely proud of our talented team of engineers, technologists, and power system electricians.

We believe that a strong team culture is the foundation of a successful business. We offer an amazing team culture in which collaboration and teamwork are of utmost importance. We want our employees to feel supported and empowered to do their best.

We’re committed to helping our employees grow and develop in their careers. We provide ongoing training and development opportunities, including mentorship, opportunities for advancement, and access to industry conferences and events.

We believe that our employees should be well compensated for their hard work. We offer competitive salary and benefits packages, as well as a variety of other perks and incentives.

Service Technician  – “I enjoy the collaboration and teamwork at PPI. Working with colleagues to solve unique and challenging problems is exciting and rewarding.”

Admin Staff – “PPI has not only provided me the opportunity to learn and grow in my career, but also allows me to work alongside a wonderful and supportive team .”

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Pacific Powertech is always looking for new talent to join our team of skilled and specialized workers. Email us with your resume and cover letter, and we will be in touch with you!